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    • Ecommerce Strategy
    • Digital Project Management
    • Digital Product Management
    • Digital Transformation
    • Customer Journey Mapping
    • CX / UX Website Design
    • Online Store Strategy & Development
    • Digital Marketing
    • Ebay Store Management
    • Multi Media Presentations
    • Corporate Video Production
    • Copywriting & Editorial
    • Print Media & Graphic Design
    • Product & Brand Management
    • Event & Expo Organisation
    • Banner & Display Design
    • Public Speaking
    • Training & Facilitation
    • Community Art Programs
    • Backdrops & Murals
    • Art Direction


Everything in life is art...

What you Do; how you Dress,
The way you LoVe, and how you Talk.
Your SMILE. And your Personality.
What you Believe in, and all your DREAMS. The way you drink your Tea...
How you decorate your Home.
The Food you make. How your Writing looks. And the way you FEEL..

Life IS art...

Lily's World!

Just so we know we are on the same page...
"The Project" is always the centre of the universe!

Est. before "the information super-highway"!

With a background in graphic design, illustration and pre-press production prior to the advent of computer technology in the studio, I was privy to being one of the first designers to set foot on the super sleek, super smooth surface of the information highway ("the web" to gen Y).

It wasn't long however before I found myself up to my neck (and often into the early hours of the morning) in the pitholes in the information tarmac, trying to improve unforgiving code, speed up image portability and recreate the elegance of graphic design with what were only raw snippets of obligatory formatting code that geeks considered amply sufficient!

In my experience I have learnt not to accept that something " can't be done"...
The creative mind is best to instead ask, "how can we acheive the desired result?"
... That is where the tread really meets the tarmac

The journey

For a creative such as myself, the flexibility new technology allows designers to share, educate and communicate your message; whether it be a brand, concept, image or a service.

Every project I have been involved with over the last 20 years has brought new learning and insights. I have been fortunate to work with amazing, innovative and passionate people over a wide range of projects, and experience all facets of creative production and marketing.

How i roll

The greatest lesson I have learnt is that it is not just about the journey, but who you journey with that defines the fulfillment gained from any adventure.

Working with passionate and innovative people, developing a clear plan, and ensuring good communication between stakeholders, is essential for creativity to flourish, and bring successful results.

When the whole team  are fully commited to the road ahead...
THAT is when the magic truly happens!

Do our paths collide?

If you have a business concept or a project and you think I may be the person for whom you are looking, please go to the contact page and email me a short brief of your vision.

I will contact you to discuss the scope of your project and to ascertain my suitability and availability to meet your project or event requirements.

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